RIG Title Charts

In an effort to keep the original post clean, here are the title charts associated with the RIGs careers. Note that not all careers have a title progression!

Rank Title
0 Crewman
1 Petty Officer
2 Chief Petty Officer
3 Senior Chief Petty Officer
4 Master Chief Petty Officer
Rank Title
1 Ensign
2 Lieutenant
3 Lieutenant Commander
4 Commander
5 Captain

Bureaucrat Titles

Rank Title
0 Administrative Assistant
1 Administrative Officer
2 Deputy Director
3 Director
4 Director General

Rogue Titles

Rogues don’t necessarily get a title, unless they are affiliated with a criminal organization. In that case, Rank 1 is the equivalent of being made a full member.

Rank Title
0 Associate
1 Soldier
2 Capo
3 Consigliere
4 Underboss

Marine Enlisted Titles

As mentioned in the main text, Marine enlisted titles are based on Time, rather than Rank.

Time Title
1 Private
2 Private First Class
3 Lance Corporal
4 Corporal
5 Sergeant
6 Staff Sergeant
7 Gunnery Sergeant
8 Master Sergeant

Marine CO Titles

Rank Title
1 Lieutenant
2 Captain
3 Major
4 Lieutenant Colonel
5 Colonel

Police Titles

Rank Title
0 Officer
1 Sergeant
2 Lieutenant
3 Captain
4 Commander